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All Starter Kits come with a case of Sani Station Sanitizer & Cleaner packets and Chlorine Test Strips


Our Vertical Mounted Frame (SANIKITVE-100) is intended for vertical mount surfaces such as a wall, reach-in cooler door, cabinet face, or the side of a work or prep station. Excellent for compact spaces & cleans utensils up to 7.5” in length.
System Dimensions: 9.5”x 4.5”x 10”

    • SANIKITVE-100


This model uses a frame with a turned-down hemmed edge to mount to an opposing turned-up edge, typically found on sandwich boards or cutting boards of refrigerated cabinets. The SANIKITHANG-100 system cleans utensils up to 7.5” in length.
System Dimensions: 9.5”x 5”x 12”



Using pizza cutters? Our SANIKIT5-100 model includes two sets of brushes and a 5” well, providing superior versatility to your food serving operation. Perfect for standard roller pizza cutters, spatulas, spoons, short handled tongs, and more. Simply place on a flat horizontal work/prep table to keep mobile or mount to a vertical surface. Cleans utensils up to 5” in length.

System Dimensions: 11”x7”x7”

    • SANIKIT5-100


Our most comprehensive station, the SANIKIT9-100 system addresses the majority of continuous use utensils needs in any food serving operation. Mount capable; cleans utensil surfaces up to 9” in length.

System Dimensions: 11”x7”x11”

    • SANIKIT9-100


Customized for oversized tongs, serving paddles/spatulas, Chef or Sushi knives, the SANIKIT12-100 is our largest model. Set up on table or mount to a wall/ other vertical surface that provides the appropriate clearance. Cleans & Sanitizes utensils up to 12” in length.

System Dimensions: 13”x11”x13”

    • SANIKIT12-100

Sanitizer & Cleaner

Sani Station’s proprietary blended Sanitizer & Cleaner in a convenient, pre-portioned packet gives users ease of use & peace of mind. Sani Station Sanitizer & Cleaner meets EPA regulatory requirements and is the only approved product for use in Sani Station systems. ALL OTHER chemical use is prohibited.

Download our SDS Sheet

Safety Data Sheet – SDS


    • SANIS05-100

      Sani Station Sanitizer & Cleaner come in .5-ounce pre-proportioned packets and are specifically designed for the SANIKITVE-100, SANIKITHANG-100, and SANIKIT5-100 model units ONLY.

    • SANIS15-100

      Sani Station Sanitizer & Cleaner come in 1.5-ounce pre-proportioned packets and are specifically designed for the SANIKIT9-100 and SANIKIT12-100 model units ONLY

EPA approved in all 50 United States – BCS approved in Canada – NSF D2 category No Rinse Sanitizer.

Replacement Brush/Wiper Kits

These brushes and wipers are the really working part of our system.  They do wear out and become damaged.  To ensure optimal performance, replacement kits are available to keep your system working properly.

    • X104485

      Counter Stand Replacement Kit includes 4 brushes and 3 color-coded wipers to be used in conjunction with SANIKIT5-100,SANIKIT9-100, and SANIKIT12-100 model units.

      Kit contents: 4 brushes and 3 color-coded wipers.

    • XSUB-RK

      Replacement Brush and Wiper Kit includes 2 brushes and 3 color-coded wipers to be used in conjunction with SANIKITVE-100 and SANIKITHANG-100 model units.

      Kit contents: 4 brushes and 3 color-coded wipers.


      Keeping your Sani Station solution in peak performance throughout the day by checking the PPM with our chlorine test strips! Test Range from 10-200 PPM; includes color-coded test chart for reference. 100 strips/tube.

      Package Contents: 100 strips per pack, color-coded test chart.

Universal Mounting Hardware

Sani Station’s universal mounting brackets gives you the flexibility to mount your system safely and securely without damaging existing equipment.  Don’t see what you need here? Contact our team for assistance.

Refrigeration Door Brackets:

Allows user to mount a Sani Station over-the-top of a reach-in cooler door.  Hanging bracket is placed over the door and Station is secured to the bracket via metal studs.

    • X104494-10

      9” x 2”x 11

    • X104494-5

      9” x 2” x 6

Universal Edge Mount:

This L shaped universal bracket fits securely to a workstation or prep table corner with high-strength, waterproof tape.  Semi-permanent mounting option.

    • X104495

      8” x 1 ½”x 2


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